The courses Media & Entertainment Management and International Music Management in Haarlem contains a big amount of students, 770. The study association wants to contribute a better learning environment by trying to get students more involved with their course. We can reach this goal by organizing guest lectures and excursions. We also want to be a point of contact and a link between students and lecturers. For students it is easier to speak to other students then to lecturers. We want to share this information with lecturers and the management of Inholland Haarlem. Our name Creatrix Populus means creative people in Latin. We have chosen this name because both MEM and IMM are part of the domain of creative business, therefore we think this name suits our association really well.


The goal of Creatrix Populus is to encourage mutual contact between MEM and IMM students, their future field of work and the labour market. Active students are more than welcome to become part of one of our commissions and/or to become a board member of Creatrix Populus.


In a quickly changing labour market in which distinguishing yourself from others becomes more and more important, we are trying to make our members prepared for a successful future. We offer them activities during their time at Inholland, which are professionally, socially and educatively focussed. We are striving to look at the functioning of our association from a critical point of view to make sure the association is optimally achieving their goals, which guarantees the association’s continuity.