Creatrix Populus

De studievereniging van & voor Creative Business & International Creative Business studenten.

The study association

The Media and Entertainment Management and International Music Management, Creative Business and International Creative Business courses in Haarlem are large courses with over 770 students. The study association wants to contribute to a better learning environment by involving students more in the study program. We can achieve this by organizing guest lectures and excursions, among other things. We also want to be a point of contact and a link between students and teachers. It will be easier for students to talk to other students than to go directly to teachers. We want to share this information with teachers and management. We would like to invite teachers to our meeting to discuss this. Creatrix Populus means creative people in Latin. We chose this name because the MEM and IMM both fall under the creative business domain. For this reason we think the name is very suitable for the association.

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