It is highly appreciated that you want to join Creatrix Populus. To make your application an succes, we need some of your personal data, all fields are required. You will recieve an e-mail when your request is processed. By joining Creatrix Populus you agree with the yearly contribution of €5,-


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I will become a member of study association Creatrix Populus. Hereby I agree with the yearly contribution of €5,00, which will automatically be deducted from my bank account. The membership will be prolonged every year without any further notice. Terminating the agreement is only possible by sending us a signed letter. You need to send your cancellation before the new study year will start. By agreeing with the general terms and conditions you agree your first and surname, email address and the Creatrix Populus membership number can be shared with select partners associating with Creatrix Populus. We will also use this information on our website.