Board Members

The association is led by the board. The board is in charge of the general supervision of the association and is responsible for monitoring everyone’s compliance of the statutes. The board, consisting of 4 people, takes care of the general managerial tasks, as well as the coordination of the 4 commissions.

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is responsible for organizing MEM related activities, which are inspiring guest lectures and excursions They are also responsible for the book exchange platform.

  • Jan Willen van der hoef
  • Benan Vaessen
  • Merel Gruijs
    Board Member
  • Eva Gardien
    Board Member

Party Commission

The Party Commission organizes all festive activities of the association. Every quarter of a year a drink is organized and at the end of each academic year the association organizes a barbecue.

Media Commission

A study association of a study like Media & Entertainment Management naturally needs a professional media commission. The media commission takes care of the design of each expression of media. The commission covers this in the widest sense. Poster designs for events, aftermovies, pictures on social media or just designing logo’s on for keychains. We are always open for new talent, if you are willing to share your talents with us, feel free to contact us.

IMM Commission

The IMM Commission organizes all kind of events for the IMM students. These activities vary from drinks to guest lectures. This commission is also engaged as a point of contact for international students. The members of this commission are all IMM students

Honorary members